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Mixed Reviews for UKIP App


TECHNOLOGY: A new smartphone app for supporters of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) has been greeted with mixed reviews since it was released at the weekend.

In a press release the party says that the new tool demonstrates a commitment to both supporters and UKIP-watchers alike, billing it as “A British app for British campaigners”.

But critics claim that the software is incomplete, with some promised features missing in the initial release.

Novel features

Criticism aside, the application, which is available for both iPhone and Android devices, is certainly equipped with some novel features.

The POLICY FINDER is likely to be one of the most used tools by both party candidates and journalists, using advanced heuristic algorithms involving the day of the week and the user’s location to confirm what the party’s official policy is on any issue where doubts may arise. Software engineers who have examined the app also believe that the facility can determine the proximity of microphones to fine tune the results.

Party faithful who find themselves feeling parched will welcome a facility which locates the nearest Public House and provides turn by turn navigation to get straight to the Saloon Bar.

And those canvassing on doorsteps will doubtless also welcome the built in weather forecast, which takes account of the numbers of gay marriages in the locality.

Without doubt, however, the FIND A FRIEND function will probably be the most used. Similar in concept to Grindr, the app uses the phone’s GPS and a comprehensive database of UKIP, EDL and BNP members to map all likeminded individuals in the immediate locality. Users can then hook up and discover what they have in common. This will probably be used in conjunction with the Public House locator.


Reviewers say that some eagerly expected features are missing though. The app was expected to include a migrant monitor, displaying the number of foreigners in the country and claiming benefits at any instant. Sources say that the numbers being displayed were a lot smaller than anticipated though, so the option won’t be released until the app is displaying the expected results.

A feature to locate bona-fide UKIP social media accounts has also been excluded from the initial release. Sources attribute this to an inability to determine the real sites from spoof ones.

The party otherwise remains tight lipped about further developments. A spokesman said that all the features could still change, “especially if Nigel has a say”.


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